For your health and the well-being of everyone living at the Finca, we have carried out all relevant measures so that your vacations can take place in an absolutely safe environment.
Therefore, we believe that everyone living on Son Sureda must take safety measures by using face masks and disinfectants. Also, by complying with the specified physical safety distances.
Every team member of Finca Son Sureda has completed the security training and is following all government guidelines

All that is missing now is your help to comply with these security measures.
We require you to wear face-covering in the public areas of the agritourism, except if you are seated waiting for or consuming food and drinks. 
We ask guests to please use common sense and be responsible for your own physical distancing during your stay when moving around the agritourism for the well-being of both you, other guests, and the team. We will do the same for you!


The special measures and conditions are as follow:

1. EXCLUSIVE PARKING SPACE. Please park your car in the parking lot marked with your accommodation number.

2. PERSONAL DISINFECTION KIT in your accommodation, consisting of:

  • Two Sprays: 
    • Hand and Body Sanitiser (consisting of a hydroalcoholic solution).  
    • Surface disinfectant for tiles and porcelain (consisting of water and hypochlorite).
  • Floor disinfectant.
  • Sponges.
  • Plastic Bags for dirty towels and bed linen. (* More details in section No. 4) 

If you need a refill or replacement, you can always ask our team.


  • Sun loungers are available at several sites. Our team disinfects them daily. 
    If you use a certain number of loungers, please use them all day long. Leave the remaining loungers available for other customers.
  • Swimming pools. The pool water is checked daily and treated with hypochlorite for disinfection.
  • Other common areas: playground, soccer field, and trampoline. We trust that you will take care to instill appropriate behavior and correct mentality to your children for their use. 



  • Due to the current situation and for your safety, the accommodation and the laudry will only be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before your arrival.
  • * After every 3rd night, we pick up the dirty towels and bed linen. At the same time, we deliver an individual set of clean towels and bed linen for each customer. 
    Please leave the dirty towels and bed linen in the plastic bag in front of the door of your accommodation. You will find plastic bags in the accommodation at your disposal.
  • Towels and bed linen are cleaned and disinfected with the guarantee of our cooperating laundry. If you would like more information about the laundry cleaning log, please contact our team.



  • The breakfast is served individually. Each accommodation has its own enumerated table and a tray with the daily order. Everything is individualized and disinfected.
  • The bread and pastries must be ordered the day before. They are freshly baked the next morning and are available up to 9 a.m. in the dining hall.
  • In your apartment, you will find a menu with all breakfast options. Please send your order via WhatsApp to the phone number that you find on the menu.
  • Every day in the dining hall between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., we serve your WhatsApp order, coffee, and so on. For health and safety reasons, we ask you to respect the opening times.
  • Please keep a safe distance from other customers in the dining hall.
  • Please respect the tables and chairs layouts in the dining hall.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always pleased to help you.
We understand that these are difficult times for coexistence. But we do our best to make your vacation go smoothly and make you feel at home.